Friday, December 7, 2012

Sensational Science Week

This week was sensational! We started our new units and had a great time learning new things!

First graders are geologists! They learned about rocks and the properties that they have. We learned that some rocks are soft and some are hard. We rubbed scoria, basalt, and tuff together and found that scoria is very soft. We also experimented with sorting and went on a rock hunt. They notices that rocks can be seperated or sorted in many different ways.

2nd graders are learning about the three states of matter: solids, liquids, and gases. They focused on the molecules and what makes each object act the way it does. We are learning about solids first. We sorted our solid baggies into different properties and then...we build towers. We learned what engineers need to do in order to make a strong structure. Take a look!

3rd graders are learning about water. They started off by learning about how water acts on different surfaces. We used waxed paper, white paper, aluminum foil, and paper towel to observe beads, absorption, and surface tension. We also experimented with salt water, soapy water, and tap water on the surface of a penny. Next week, we will discuss the different types of water and the results that we observed.

4th graders are working on a different type of science study...their first pre-med course. They learned that we have about 206 bones in our body. We counted the bones of our skull, torso, leg, and arm by studying posters that showed each bone. No bones about it, it wasn't the easiest job, but we did learn some great terminology.

Fifth graders are working on a chemistry unit, mixtures and solutions. We learned the difference between the two words and conducted some experiments to separate mixtures and solutions by strainer, filter, and evaporation. We will continue to develop our understanding of the vocabulary as we set up different chemistry experiments.