Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Year In Review

I have enjoyed teaching science this year. We have learned a lot of different concepts this quarter. Let's take a look:

Grade 1

During the fourth quarter we learned about insects. We watched mealworms become darkling beetles and painted lady larvae become butterflies, as they each went though their respective life cycles. We created many make a takes, including a ladybug, dragonfly, and ant and butterfly books. We had an exciting year!

Grade 2

We learned about plants. We watched as our seeds matured into flowering plants. It was important for us to learn that plants produce their own food, but they need sunlight, air, water, and good soil to do this. At Jefferson, we were so very lucky to get a farm to school grant to help us start up our own Thomas Jefferson School Garden. We can't wait to try our first vegetables: spinach next week. When we get back to school, we will find out who wins the first peas to the table contest, just like Thomas Jefferson did back in 1771. We learned a lot as “budding” scientists!

Grade 3

We learned how sound is created and how to distinguish between different qualities of sound. We explored the concepts of pitch, vibrations, and how sound travels using a variety of handmade instruments. We really "rocked" it when we played in our band. We also were able to use what we knew to complete sound challenges.

Grade 4

During the fourth quarter, we explored the solar system. We traveled on a cardboard rocket to each of the planets in our solar system during our trip to the planetarium. The students researched and made a presentation on one of the planets. We finished with playing a solar system game as well as a solar system scavenger hunt. Don't forget the phases of the moon is the link:
Grade 5

We explored the physics behind levers and pulleys (simple machines), and we began to understand how tools provide an advantage. We designed our own catapults to try to hit the teacher with a marshmallow, as well as deliver a pizza using all six simple machines, Rube Goldberg style. This year, we readied ourselves for scientific concepts we will use throughout middle and high school.