Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Simple Machines Arcade Words

How do simple machines make our job easier?

What are the six simple machines? What do they look like? Why would you want to use them?

Today, you will be using the website to define, draw, and understand how each simple machines makes our life easier.

When you are done, think about 10 of the  best inventions ever made. Fill out the best invention page. Be ready to discuss next week with it ALL complete!

Simple Machines definitions, pictures, and activity

Another site to help you with Simple Machines

Monday, March 24, 2014

Spaced Out

Can you describe changes in the sun's light and the day's temperature throughout a given time period?

What do you know about the sun's light?

How does the sun's light change throughout the day?

What is the warmest part of the day?

Can you set up an experiment to test these questions?

Check out the website to answer the question of the day:

Identify the Warmest part of the day

Watch the following video to help you answer the questions:
A Day On Earth

Seasons and weather help starts here:
Seasons and Weather

Friday, March 14, 2014

Body Systems Review

4th graders...today is the day that you will be reviewing the body systems that we have been studying. You will read the articles and watch the videos to learn more about each system. Then you will take the short quiz for each system. The more quizzes you finish the more points you will get for your test grade. When you finish a test with a 70% or better, otherwise you take it over, you will have a teacher check off your score. Go to the next reading and quiz and continue.

Here is your link:

Good luck! This is your last grade of the quarter so do your best work.