Monday, December 8, 2014

First Graders Are Rockin' It!

We just started our rock unit and the first graders are rockin' it! They are learning how to observe properties in order to sort their rocks! They also learned that rocks can be used for a lot of different things, but the best kind of rock is one that you pick the first graders dug for rocks and got to take one home!
We sorted rocks by color, shape, size, and texture.

We learned about sedimentary rocks and got to dig for a rock to take home...only feeling the texture for one to grab!

Push and Pull in Kindergarten...Building Vehicles

Our kinders have been learning about force and motion. This week, the students created vehicles to push or pull a Beanie Baby in. The students engineered the vehicles then created a slope for the vehicles to be pushed or pulled up or down. Check out some of their creations...

A force is a push and pull that gets motion going!
Beanie Babies going for a ride!

Engineering cars lets our kinders test, build, and observe!

Predictable Kinders...

Our kinders are working on setting up experiments to test their here is there little the song High Ho The Dairy-O. A prediction is a guess, a prediction is a guess...high ho the dairy-o A prediction is a guess.

They LOVED it. We predicted where our car would land on a yardstick. Our partner marked the spot and we tried to "push" the car to the spot. Then we predicted if a big hill would make our car go faster. We marked our graph with a sticky tab, then I demonstrated big hills and small hills. We saw the outcome. Then...the kinder kiddos got to set up the same experiment. The finished with a race between the partners...predict who will go farther...Science is FUN!

Predicting where it will end...

Predicting on a slope...

Predicting and experimenting with kindergartners...

We love Science! 

What Can We Do This Week?

I can statements for the week of December 8th-12th.

Kindergarten= I can make an object change directions using push and pull.

1st grade= I can show that rocks are different sizes by setting up an experiment to prove it.

2nd grade= I can build with solids to create the tallest tower. I can use solid words to describe what I built.

3rd grade= I can show that surface tension pulls water together with an invisible skin and that water forms a dome.

4th grade= I can show that the shape and structure of different bones mathc their purpose by comparing bone names to puzzle pieces. I can construct a skeleton.

5th grade= I can separate salt and sugar by evaporation. I can compare salt and sugar crystals by looking at a chart and comparing what I see.

For the last week right before break...we CAN engineer holiday science stations to connect science to the season!

Science Is Instagramming!

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