Monday, December 8, 2014

What Can We Do This Week?

I can statements for the week of December 8th-12th.

Kindergarten= I can make an object change directions using push and pull.

1st grade= I can show that rocks are different sizes by setting up an experiment to prove it.

2nd grade= I can build with solids to create the tallest tower. I can use solid words to describe what I built.

3rd grade= I can show that surface tension pulls water together with an invisible skin and that water forms a dome.

4th grade= I can show that the shape and structure of different bones mathc their purpose by comparing bone names to puzzle pieces. I can construct a skeleton.

5th grade= I can separate salt and sugar by evaporation. I can compare salt and sugar crystals by looking at a chart and comparing what I see.

For the last week right before break...we CAN engineer holiday science stations to connect science to the season!